Environmental damage is happening worldwide.

These news resources describe just some of the issues. 

These pages are dedicated to environmental issues, news and campaigns affecting us all. Send me your thoughts, articles and blogs on these and other environmental themes.

Older tree loss continues
The destruction of older forests is still continuing in some parts of the world - with negative effects on climate.

This report by The BBC

Image by Simon Berger
Seal shooting in Scotland
The Scottish government is to ban seal shooting by fish farm owners in a bid to save exports to the US.

This report by The Ferret

Image by Pascal Mauerhofer
How to catch a poacher
Wild animal poaching in the US is rife, with some perpetrators going to great lengths to carry out their grisly business. But the law is catching up.

This report by High Country News
Dawn chorus mapped
A 'soundmap' of birdsong worldwide is being produced which hopes to chart species' diversity and density.

This report by The Guardian

Image by Andy Holmes
Scotland felling again
Forestry and land Scotland is at it again. In a very short article, they tell us about the need to chop down a large forest.

Report by Forestry and Land Scotland

Image by Dima Pechurin
Where is Ulu Mudu?
A forest in Malaysia it at the centre of commercial logging disputes. This article describes its' importance in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

Article from The Malay Mail
Rainforest Alliance
A recent article gives doubts on the claims of ethical behaviour by the Rainforest Alliance.

This report by The Guardian
Marsh birds devastated
A reed marsh fire in the Firth of Tay has devastated rare species - with the possibility that the fire was deliberately set...

This report by The Ferret

Image by Vincent van Zalinge
Adapting to climate change
It is not just coastal communities who have to manage climate change. In the Andes, communities are having to look at new designs for their homes.

This report by The Guardian

Image by Markus Spiske