Environmental damage is happening worldwide.

These news resources describe just some of the issues. 

These pages are dedicated to environmental issues, news and campaigns affecting us all. 

Diesel spill in Oban
Last week a diesel spill occurred in Oban Bay, Scotland, yet the agencies tasked with managing pollution failed to do anything for over 24 hours.
This report from the Oban Times (via Pressreader).
Exotic farms and Covid link
This article examines the probabilities of Covid crossover from China's practice of farming and eating exotic species.
Report by National Geographic.
Plastic in our environment
An informative video about plastic in our environment.
Video by Our Changing Climate (OCC).
Promising discovery
An endangered mountain gazelle is making a comeback in a war-torn area of Turkey.
This report by the Seattle Times.
Farmed fish handouts
An investigation has revealed that Scottish salmon producers have been handed out millions of pounds - despite earning huge profits and damaging the environment. This report in The National.
Goodbye to conservation?
The wildlife in Amboseli National Park is under severe threat.
This report by The Guardian.
Environment suffering
The pandemic has hurt environmental efforts.
This report from the BBC.
Flood planning
Flooding is set to increase in the UK. This article describes how people are adapting. Report by The Independent.
Image by Chris Gallagher
Dead Calves in Ireland
Young dead calves have been found dumped in public spaces in Ireland. This report and video by RTE