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This week - Rob Greenfield

Describing himself as an activist and adventurer, Rob Greenfield's exploits have certainly captured the imagination. By simplifying his life, Rob hopes to shine a light on changes we can make to our own lives. 

Article by Nick MacIneskar

Today we meet one of small army of individuals dedicated to cleaning our beaches -

Karen Pollock

Organising a small but dedicated band of individuals, Karen tells me about her work.

Article by Nick MacIneskar

This week, Ecologist, Researcher and Lecturer Dr Lorna Cole 

Lecturing in Wildlife and Conservation Management, Dr Cole tells me about the importance of bugs in our lives

This week, I look at the role some animals play in detecting earthquakes

Animals have for many years been known to detect natural disasters. This article examines some of the latest research.

A closer look at an animal that has followed our footsteps for millenia.

We love them or loathe them, but rats have had a much stronger connection to human culture that you would expect.