A sign of hope

This little fella appeared yesterday and decided to bask happily in the sunshine on my wife's leg whilst she was gardening.

This is the first time I have seen a lizard in Scotland and I take it as a sign that, whatever terrible things we do to our planet, life goes on.

It may not be human life, of course, and that brings me to the point of this blog.

We treasure human life. As beings we have an inbuilt ability to be self-aware, to look at the bigger picture and to know what is good and not so good. From this perspective, we should have by now attained a lofty understanding of our place in this environment we call 'home': So why are we still degrading our world?

Let's talk numbers here.

There is a website that tracks births, deaths and current global population, and quite honestly it makes for scary reading. This is because overall, the world population is increasing every day and according to Worldometers, by a staggering 24 Million people so far this year.

We are only at the beginning of April, too.

What are we to make of this fact? Well, it is quite simple... We are slowly but surely running out of room, resources and quite possibly a viable future and unless we start to consider the problem as another part of the emergency we face, the degradation of our only world will continue and intensify.

One thing we can be sure of, though, is that no matter what happens to us as a species, nature will always return. The question is: Do we want to be part of that little lizard's future, living in relative harmony with all living things, or shall we be another footnote in the list of species that didn't quite make it?

Our choice...