Don't waste 'Time'

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

With Scotland at a virtual standstill, it might seem as though life itself should be put on hold. But it is not all doom and gloom. In these difficult period, the Coronavirus has brought us something we had precious little of before – Time.

What can I do during self-isolation
Don't squander the sands of Time

Fear of the unknown seems to be at the heart of this pandemic; people have real worries about things we only recently took for granted: Who, for example, could have predicted at the beginning of 2020 that it would be next to impossible to find toilet paper within a couple of months, that we would have to stand 2 metres apart and most recently, that off-licences would be officially classified as ‘essential shops’ (A decision that many of us are extremely grateful for, by the way)?

And who could possibly have predicted that everyone would essentially be ordered to stay at home for the next 3 months?

Now I realise this might to some feel like a prison sentence – after all, being enclosed within the confines of your home with squabbling kids, irate partner and with no space to call your own could cause palpitations – but the really big difference between being confined to your house and, say, a Victorian jail with 30 foot high steel fences is the relative time on our hands.

What can I do during self-isolation
The cottage just didn't have that cosy feeling anymore...

Well, you ask, what the heck am I supposed to do with it?

There is a book written by the late Sir Terry Pratchett called Reaper Man. In the story, Death (yes the guy with the billowing black cloak, scythe etc) is rendered unemployed by the forces that be (apparently he just wasn’t effective enough) and casts around for something else to fill his time.

His earthly assistant, Albert, understandably concerned for his own future nervously asks Death ‘Now that you have time on your hands, what are you going to do with it?’ The reply is simple:

I’m going to spend it!’

So, a little like the character, we have all accumulated time, hoarded it up, promising one day to use it wisely. And now, by government decree we have all been told to use it.

Did you ever have a great idea for a book or a website or a hobby or a desperate need to turn your shed into a miniature pub? Well now is the Time!

I have written the word with a capital letter for a reason.

Time is not to be used lightly. It is not something to squander. Think of it as a resource – a bit like a sudden loan dumped into your bank account. Only this loan comes with a caveat: each day that you don’t use it, it reduces by just a little, a bit like a leaky barrel of water. Even better, imagine it is a big barrel of the finest malt whisky gifted to you. Each day some of it evaporates...You have a choice, start using it, because it won’t be around forever...

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